KitTea, a cat café in San Francisco

There’s a cat café in my neighborhood called KitTea. It’s been open for a little while, and Sophia and I finally made it there with some of our friends. Oh boy, it was an awesome idea. Relaxing music, bottomless mugs of tea, and an hour of cat playtime. All the cats are available for adoption, too. If you’re in San Francisco and want a fun way to unwind, you’ve got to try it out. (They even have cat yoga and “mewvie” nights. So great.)


Hi! I’m Gavin. I’m a writer, musician, and iOS developer in San Francisco, but I’m moving back home to Baltimore, MD in a couple weeks.

I used to have a more traditional portfolio-style site where I talked about my projects, but it felt impersonal and stale. I’m trying something different now. Instead of making a static list of past projects, I’m going to use this blog to write about the things I’m working on as I work on them. I’ll talk about apps in-progress. I’ll share videos, music, and stories as I write them, and talk about the creative process behind them. I’ll discuss technical problems and how I resolved them. It’ll be nice for me to have a record of what I’ve done, but if I can help someone else out, that would be awesome, too.

Time to get to work.