Baltimore Sticker Pack


I’ve created a hand-drawn sticker pack for Messages in iOS 10, inspired by hometown, Baltimore. So far, I’ve added some steamed crabs, the Maryland flag, the Baltimore City flag, an iconic “The Greatest City in America” public bench, variations of the Baltimore City outline, and a Baltimore Police badge. I’m working on a bunch more and will add them every week or so.

You can get it here.


Hi! I’m Gavin. I’m a writer, musician, and iOS developer in San Francisco, but I’m moving back home to Baltimore, MD in a couple weeks.

I used to have a more traditional portfolio-style site where I talked about my projects, but it felt impersonal and stale. I’m trying something different now. Instead of making a static list of past projects, I’m going to use this blog to write about the things I’m working on as I work on them. I’ll talk about apps in-progress. I’ll share videos, music, and stories as I write them, and talk about the creative process behind them. I’ll discuss technical problems and how I resolved them. It’ll be nice for me to have a record of what I’ve done, but if I can help someone else out, that would be awesome, too.

Time to get to work.