About Me

I’m an iOS developer and consultant in Baltimore, Maryland. My most recent project is Space Station Live, an Apple TV app.

I started as a web developer almost two decades ago. It was a summer job in high school, when the web was young. A local company needed a website, so they hired me to build it. I learned HTML, figured out how to design and slice images in Photoshop, and built my first professional site. (With tables! It was a different era.)

For the next decade or so after college, I worked for a variety of companies and organizations as a front-end web developer, both full-time and as a consultant. In 2012, I moved to San Francisco and attended Dev Bootcamp to get better at back end development. It was a awesome experience, and I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder. After twelve weeks of intense Ruby coding sessions, I walked away with a good idea of my strengths, which I was proud of, and my weaknesses, which I spent the next few years improving.

I worked for two years as a JavaScript developer for an agency in San Francisco called A Different Engine. We built apps for internet-connected televisions and set-top boxes. We worked full-stack in JavaScript. On the front end, we had our own custom framework built with Backbone and wrangled with Require. We used Node on the back-end, usually with Express or Sails. Some of our clients included Showtime, Comcast, and Condé Nast.

Outside of my day job, I learned Swift as soon as Apple announced it. I loved it. I left ADE to pursue iOS development full-time in 2015. I built Space Station Live for the fourth-generation Apple TV. Over the holiday season, it was the best-selling app on the Apple TV App Store. Since then, I’ve continued to add features. The new version should be in beta later this spring.

I moved to Baltimore, Maryland earlier this year. If you’re looking for an iOS or tvOS consultant, get in touch!